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Our people

Our supporters and our partners are the keys to our success. Without the support of thousands of Australians who contribute through their donations or their time as volunteers we wouldn't be able to achieve what we have.

Our founder

Dr Bob Brown

Bob Brown

Our founder, Dr Bob Brown, started Bush Heritage. “I was walking in Tasmania’s Liffey Valley on a sunny day in 1990 when I made a decision that began the journey we now know as Bush Heritage Australia... I was walking high above two beautiful bush blocks that had come up for sale and that logging companies were keen to buy... I thought about what might happen if someone didn’t protect that land."

Chris Grubb

Chris Grubb

Our Board

An independent, committed Board of Directors oversees the organisation, headed by President Chris Grubb and Vice-President/Treasurer Nick Burton Taylor.

Our staff

CEO Heather Campbell

CEO Heather Campbell

Headed by CEO Heather Campbell, and supported by our Senior Management Team, we employ over 80 staff around the country in roles as diverse as reserve management, indigenous partnerships, ecology, planning, human resources, finance, fundraising and marketing. 

Our science

Rebecca Spindler

Dr Rebecca Spindler

Informing everything we do is a team of ecologists and researchers led by our Executive Manager, Science and Conservation – Dr Rebecca Spindler.

Dr Spindler has over 20 years of conservation science experience, working to improve the reproduction, health and conservation of rare and endangered species. She has managed extensive science programs in China, Brazil and the United States through the Smithsonian Institution.

We also thank our ambassadorsChris Darwin (great grandson of naturalist Charles Darwin) and Phillip Adams (journalist) – for their contributions.

A handful of very special people have made exceptional contributors to our success. Phillip Toyne, Don Royal, Bob Brown, Judy Henderson and Karen Alexander have all been awarded Life memberships to honour their efforts.

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