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Landscape management

We manage land for conservation

Log and boulder ramp gives native animals access to the water.

Our goal is to rebuild and restore the health and resilience of the land, its soils and vegetation, and its populations of native animals and plants.

On every property, we prepare a management plan in which we identify the habitats, plants and animals that need special protection. Conservation goals are set for each of these ‘targets’. We then identify the resources and practical tasks needed to achieve these goals within a certain time.

These tasks include:

Feral horses have a profound effect on the land (left of fence), Carnarvon Station Reserve, Qld. Photo: Rob Argent

Reserve Managers undertake these tasks with the help of ecologists, volunteers and researchers.

We monitor how the ecosystems on the properties change as a result of our activities. In this way we can understand the direct relationship between our management actions and the benefits they bring to the land and its wildlife. Such feedback is used to refine our management plans and guide forthcoming work.

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