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Yarta Warndu Ngarlapurla Nguthandha

‘Our Community Caring for Good Country’

Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners at a healthy country planning workshop. Photo by Karen Clarke.Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners at a healthy country planning workshop. Photo Karen Clarke.

The Adnyamathanha people are Traditional Owners of the land extending from the far north Flinders Ranges in South Australia to Boolcoomatta Station Reserve near Broken Hill. In 1998 the Nantawarrina Indigenous Protected Area (IPA), which covers 58,000 hectares of their land, was the first IPA to be declared in the country.

The Adnyamathanha peoples' vision and leadership was an example of the benefits that IPAs can provide, and has inspired many other groups to establish IPAs.

The Muda (history) of our people is linked to the Yarta (land) which has deep significance; whatever happens to the land happens to us … All these things have great cultural and spiritual importance for us, and we have stories about many of these things that help us to understand them and keep them healthy.

Nantawarrina is home to many rare or endangered mammals, birds and reptiles, including the andu (Yellow- footed Rock Wallaby), the Kultarr (a small marsupial the size of a house mouse), the walha (Australian Bustard) and the Blue-winged Parrot.

A yellow-footed rock wallaby on Boolcoomatta Reserve. Photo Wayne Lawler/EcoPix.

A Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby on Boolcoomatta Reserve. Photo Wayne Lawler/EcoPix.

The Nantawarrina rangers and Nepabunna community members have been working hard on managing their country and have seen it recover significantly through their efforts. Bush Heritage wants to proudly highlight and recognise this work and its important contribution in continuing culture and looking after country, conserving Australia's rich biodiversity.

At the end of 2013 the Nantawarrina rangers reviewed their management plan. They then worked with a range of people and organisations, including Bush Heritage, to develop a new plan that expressed their aspirations and guided their work for the next ten years. This is called Yarta Warndu Ngarlapurla Nguthandha – Our Community Caring for Good Country.

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