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Naree Station, NSW

Fri. 13 to Sun. 15 September 2019

Around the campfire at Naree. Photo Dave and Sue Akers.
Around the campfire at Naree. Photo Dave and Sue Akers.
Naree Station Reserve is a 14,400 ha property and is on the traditional lands of the Budjiti people. It was formerly a pastoral property, located in one of the least disturbed parts of the Murray-Darling Basin in north-western NSW.

Bush Heritage purchased Naree Station in 2012 in order to help protect, among other things, nationally significant arid-zone ephemeral wetlands. It's a refuge for migratory birds as well as for a great variety of plants and other animals, due to the rich mosaic of vegetation.

Duelling Red Kangaroos on Naree. Photo Peter Morris.
Duelling Red Kangaroos on Naree. Photo Peter Morris.
Naree is not a continuously wet landscape – the water holes and creeks dry up and can stay dry for many years, until the next big rain event. Naturally, in the dry times you won’t have the vast number of water birds, but there's still so much to see. The advantage of spending several days being guided around by reserve staff, is they'll take you to the very special places and share with you their knowledge and experience of living and working in this remarkable landscape.

Reserve manager Greg Carroll has lived and worked in Arnhem Land and western NSW for many years. He has broad experience in land management practices and he and his partner Tracey look forward to sharing their stories and learning from you.

A flock of Galahs at Naree. Photo Peter Morris.
A flock of Galahs at Naree. Photo Peter Morris.
The trip will be at a relaxed pace and will include travelling in vehicles, exploring on foot and time to soak up the beautiful landscape and peaceful atmosphere.


Naree is in north-western NSW, 150km north-west of Bourke, 130km west of Enngonia and 65km south of Hungerford. Note: This is a remote area – service providers, medical and emergency services aren't close at hand.


Note this trip is fully booked, however you can register for the wait-list below, in case cancellations create vacancies.

Download our Tour Itinerary above for details of the facilities, vehicle requirements and preparation you'll need to be self-sufficient. Contact Katrina Blake on (03) 8610 9124 or if you have any follow up questions.

Price: $220 (inc GST) per person. Children under 18 are free. Prices are based on covering our costs to plan, prepare and run the visit. This ensures donations made for conservation don't subsidise tours. Bookings are essential.

Please indicate your vehicle meets the requirements (where applicable) of this trip, by providing details (make and model/4WD, 2WD, AWD, trailer).
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