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A juvenile rufous whistler. Photo Jeroen van Veen.
A juvenile rufous whistler. Photo Jeroen van Veen.
Nardoo Hills tour

Sat 12 October 2019, 10:30am–3:30pm

In one of Australia’s most heavily cleared states, the Nardoo Hills Reserves, which support more than 110 bird species and diverse vegetation communities, are a vital refuge for native species.

Reserve Manager Jeroen van Veen admires a Yellow Gum at the Barnett Block. Photo Peter Morris.
Reserve Manager Jeroen van Veen admires a Yellow Gum at the Barnett Block. Photo Peter Morris.
On this guided tour, Victorian Reserves Manager of nine years, Jeroen van Veen, will take you to some of his favourite places and share with you his detailed knowledge of the land.

The four properties that make up the Nardoo Hills group of reserves collectively protect a significant amount of high value native vegetation, and are a haven for declining woodland birds such as the Hooded Robin, Diamond Firetail and Brown Treecreeper. Bush Heritage is working to reverse the decline of these species and reconnect the natural ecosystems of this region, together with the DjaDjaWurrung people and other local community and partner organisations. 

The best way to absorb this landscape is on foot, so don’t forget your picnic lunch and walking shoes!

Special wildflower trip (wait list only)

Sun 13 October 2019, 10:30am–3:30pm

Gold dust wattle. Photo Jeroen van Veen.
Gold dust wattle. Photo Jeroen van Veen.
We're offering and exciting opportunity for people to join us on a special one-day wildflower tour of a newly acquired property in Victoria. Hosted by field experts Jeroen van Veen and ecologist Julie Radford, this is a chance for plant enthusiasts and photographers alike, to immerse themselves in one of the last remaining intact landscapes in the Kara Kara-Wedderburn region of north-central Victoria.

If conditions are right, we expect an abundance of wildflowers in spring, as the largely intact Heathy Woodland, protects a diverse range of herbaceous flora. It also provides excellent habitat for threatened species such as orchids, Swift Parrot, Lace Monitor and declining woodland birds.

Don’t forget your camera and binoculars. This as yet un-named property is on the traditional lands of the DjaDjaWurrung people and totals 252hectares.   

Register now!

Bookings are essential. Limited spaces are available.

The Wildflower Trip is fully booked, but you can register on the wait list below, should cancellations create space.

Cost. $50 (inc.GST) per adult, children under 18yrs free. The cost of the trip is based on covering our costs to prepare and run the visit. This ensures donations made towards conservation aren't being used to subsidise visit activities.

Bookings are managed during business hours Monday to Friday (AEST) and may take 48 hours to confirm.

Contact Katrina Blake on (03) 8610 9124 or if you have any follow up questions.

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