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Total land protected: 1,354 hectares

Nardoo Hills Reserves

Map of Nardoo Hills Reserve

Established: 2004
Area: 1,207 hectares
Location: 210km north west of Melbourne

Since European settlement Victoria has lost 83% of its woodlands to land clearance. Combined with drier weather this has seen a dramatic decline in woodland birds. These reserves are one of the few healthy examples of grassy box and box-ironbark woodlands left.

John Colahan Griffin Nature Reserve

Map of John Colahan Griffin Nature Reserve

Established: 2011
Area: 147 hectares
Location: 185km north west of Melbourne

John Griffin wanted to leave a legacy for future generations and this reserve is his special gift – an ancient woodland haven for bushland birds, a home for endangered reptiles and mammals, and a place where rare and beautiful plants such as the Red-cross Spider Orchid can thrive. In 2018 we added a 51-hectare 'Basso Road' Reserve nearby, extending our protection of the area.

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