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South Australia

Total land protected: 279,700 hectares

Boolcoomatta Reserve

Map of Boolcoomatta Reserve

Established: 2006
Area: 63,000
Location: 100km west of Broken Hill

Open mulga woodlands and natural waterholes support species such as Gould's Wattled Bat, Blue Bonnets and Red-backed Kingfishers. Down on the saltbush plains are Orange Chats, Chirruping Wedgebills, Bearded Dragons and large flocks of Emus. Set against the dramatic Olary Ranges.

Bon Bon Station Reserve

Map of Bon Bon Station Reserve

Established: 2008
Area: 216,700
Location: 650km north west of Adelaide

At around 70km long and 30km across this former cattle station is the size of Sydney. Its desert landscape is dotted with shimmering salt lakes, wetlands, myall trees and pearl bluebush. Sits between the Great Victoria Desert and the large saltpan lakes of Eyre, Torrens and Gairdner, which are so big you can see them from space.

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