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Places we protect

Our priority landscapes

Shaded areas on the map indicate our priority landscapes – areas we've identified as in need of increased protection to safeguard nationally significant ecosystems. They've been chosen for their conservation value, our capacity to help protect them, and the degree to which they're already protected through Australia’s National Reserve System – a combined network of publically and privately protected lands.

Our reserves

Bush Heritage owns and manages 1.24 million hectares of land across Australia that we've protected, forever. We look after this country to ensure the vibrant living things that call these landscapes home remain healthy and thriving.

Aboriginal partnerships

We work in partnership with several Aboriginal groups to plan and deliver conservation and socio-economic outcomes on their land and sea country, over a management area of 7.62 million hectares. We also work with Traditional Owner groups across our reserves to manage country and return the bush to good health.

Regional partnerships

We collaborate with private landholders, communities, and other conservation groups across Australia that share our vision of ‘healthy Country, protected forever’. By engaging with and within communities, we achieve so much more than we could if we were working alone.