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Winter 2018

Published 20 Jun 2018 

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  • Western Brush Wallabies
    The return of the poorly-studied Western Brush Wallaby (known as the Black-gloved Wallaby or Kwoora) to 420 hectares of carefully revegetated land on our Monjebup North Reserve shows our work is paying off.
  • From the CEO
    “Thousands of plants and animals, both common and threatened, are suffering population declines as their habitats shrink… If we're to reverse, or at least halt this decline, we need to be smarter about our approach to conservation.”
  • Bringing back the Bilby
    Today Aboriginal people own or manage about 70% of the Bilby’s remaining range, and groups such as the Birriliburu Rangers are at the centre of the species’ recovery plan.
  • Nursing our natives
    A new state-of-the-art nursery at Scottsdale Reserve will generate up to 10,000 native plants a year with almost no environmental footprint, thanks to solar technology, wetland filtration and a waste water recycling system.
  • Orchid rescue
    Julie Radford sees native orchids as sentinels of an unseen world and reminders of a delicate ecological web. On J.C Griffin Reserve, she's helped increase the number of threatened Stuart Mill Spider-orchids from 12 to 186.
  • Thank you
    Our work is only possible because of generous donations from supporters such as these.