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Thank you

Published 18 Sep 2018 

Bush Heritage gratefully acknowledges the estates of:

Toni Hamilton; Viv Donovan in remembrance of her late son, Paul Francis Donovan; Margaret Elizabeth Garner; Evelyn McEwan Livingston; and Jay Birnbrauer. We also thank Environmental Research and Assessment Pty Ltd, which donated in memory of Dr Rob Lesslie, a leading Australian geographer and ecologist. 

In memory

Several gifts were left in memory of both Gabe Gajdatsy and also in memory of Russel Oldfield. Gina Fraser left a gift in memory of Arthur Finley and Deborah Lehmann donated in memory of David Wurm. Environmental Research and Assessment PTY LTD donated in memory of Dr Rob Leslie. Elizabeth Cudworth left a gift in memory of her late brother, Michael Collins. Ian Huntley left a gift in memory of Mrs Patricia Huntley. Martha Henderson donated in memory of her son Guy. Judi Vogt left a gift to remember Dr Stuart Kidd and the Mathews family left a gift in memory of A. Mathews.

In celebration

Several gifts were given to celebrate the wedding of Andrew Sugarman and Annette Raber. Leith Brandt donated in celebration of Patrick Michael John Callaghan's christening.

Thank you, also, to the many other people who support our work.
Together, we're returning the bush to good health.