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Autumn 2018

Published 27 Mar 2018 

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  • The Arafura Swamp Rangers
    We're proudly working with Traditional Owners to return the Arafura Swamp to good health.
  • From the CEO
    What value do we place on the diversity of life? And are we willing to risk losing that diversity because of our inaction?
  • Weathering the change
    Prof. Lesley Hughes is among that rare breed of scientists that allow the world to see the passion and emotion driving their work.
  • Eye in the sky
    In WA, the innovative use of a remote sensing technology is marking the start of a new era in Malleefowl monitoring.
  • Creatures of the night
    On Pullen Pullen Reserve, scent dogs are tracking cats to the benefit of Night Parrots and other native species.
  • Opportunistic breeders
    A fledgling Night Parrot photographed in December on Pullen Pullen Reserve suggests the species is breeding despite very dry conditions.
  • Thank you
    Thanks to the many supporters donating to our work.