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2017 newsletters

Published 07 Dec 2017 


  • In fiery footsteps
    There are more than 6,000 patches of rainforest on Wunambal Gaambera country. Fire can both protect and destroy.
  • From the CEO
    Aboriginal Australians have both the knowledge and the skills to manage many of the environmental challenges facing us.
  • Chris Grubb, President
    Our new President has supported us for more than 14 years, six on the Board.
  • Coming together for Flashjacks
    Our volunteers and staff got close with Bridled Nailtail Wallabies in a record survey.
  • Dealing with the devil
    A long-term control program on Yourka Reserve is stopping the spread of Siam Weed.
  • Letting the land breathe
    Volunteers Annie and Ian Mayo are in the rhythm of removing fences.
  • Like moths to a flame
    The value of moths is often overlooked, but these diverse insects underpin many ecosystems.
  • Thank you
    Thanks to the many supporters who've generously donated to our work.


  • Turning back time
    We are transforming bare paddocks into bush as part of one of Australia’s most ambitious revegetation projects – and the animals are coming back.
  • From the CEO
    Our native species interact with their habitats on a landscapes scale; they need space to fly, forage, nest, and move in a way that suits them both biologically and ecologically.
  • The Gliders of Yourka
    Australia’s blink-and-you-miss-it marsupial is the latest glider confirmed on Yourka Reserve, in far north Queensland.
  • A homecoming
    Annette Dean’s childhood consisted largely of long days spent out bush with her brothers, swimming in wild rivers and climbing mountains.
  • Close encounters
    Spend enough time amongst Boolcoomatta Station Reserve’s sweeping native grasslands, and you could be lucky enough to encounter a Plains-wanderer.
  • Loving a river to life
    Restoring the riverbanks of the Upper Murrumbidgee has provided new hope for the endangered Macquarie Perch.
  • Thank you
    Thanks to the many supporters who have generously donated to our work.



  • Feral instincts
    Discover some of the science we're using to combat cats and other ferals.
  • From the CEO – a focus on science
    We welcome Dr Rebecca Spindler as our new Executive Manager of Science and Conservation.
  • Sympathy for the Devil
    The Thorny Devil is one of our most placid reptiles.
  • How inspiration became a legacy
    A childhood spent in the bush and an admiration for Bob Brown combined to inspire donor and bequest supporter Davydd Shaw.
  • Testing the waters
    We're taking our science-backed approach underwater to survey Hamelin Pool.
  • A different lens
    Volunteer Richard Taylor is a stonemason from England with a passion for Australia’s unique plants and animals.
  • Come rain or shine
    Braving monsoonal rains and searing heat, PhD student Justin McCann is unlocking the secrets of Naree (NSW).
  • Striking it rich in central Victoria
    Nardoo Hills reserves in central Victoria are the traditional lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung and protect natural and cultural values.