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From the CEO - 25 year anniversary

Published 21 Dec 2015 

Gerard O'Neill. Photo by Peter Morris

In the 25-year history of Bush Heritage Australia the Bush Heritage community has achieved a great number of things.

From humble beginnings in Tasmania’s Liffey Valley we now protect more than 100 species of rare and threatened native animals and thousands of species of plants across every state and territory in Australia.

We’ve developed innovative and ground‑breaking partnerships with land holders and traditional owners right across Australia.

But for all our achievements over more than two decades, 2015 was arguably our biggest year yet.

In April we launched Saving Our Species, our flagship 10-year Science Plan and blueprint to build knowledge, leverage our efforts and expand our science capacity.

Night Parrot. Photo by Rachel BarrEcologist Steve Murphy holds a Night Parrot. Photo by Rachel Barr

We’re already investing strongly and providing leadership in this area, yet there are some big challenges ahead. Saving Our Species is our plan to make sure we’re able to meet those challenges over the next decade and beyond.

Of course, news that work was underway to protect one of the world’s rarest birds in western Queensland – the elusive Night Parrot – was met with much excitement.

We’re in the process of establishing an important conservation property that covers the secret location of the only known population of the endangered Night Parrot. To achieve this we’re negotiating to purchase a 56,000ha section of a pastoral property in western Queensland where the bird was found.

It’s an incredibly exciting and important time in the history of conservation biology in Australia. Studying the species, sharing that knowledge and pioneering its conservation management are exciting challenges.

Night Parrot habitat.Night Parrot habitat. Photo by Cineport

This work is made possible by our wonderful supporters, who have once again shown their tremendous passion and commitment to our work. In 2015 we passed 40,000 supporters, everyday Australians keen to play their part in helping us protect our great landscape and the plants and animals that call it home.

To everyone who has supported our vital work through donations, volunteering and supporting our many initiatives and causes in 2015, I offer a sincere thank you.

We looking forward to your support again next year, as we build community support and participation in conservation of the Australian bush.

Gerard O'Neill's signature
Gerard O'Neill, CEO

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