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Visiting Bush Heritage reserves

Published 20 Mar 2014 

A visit to Ethabuka Reserve, Qld. Photo by Katrina BlakeA visit to Ethabuka Reserve, Qld. Photo: Katrina Blake

To really appreciate the value of our reserves, there’s nothing like experiencing them first hand. This year we are proud to announce a range of new and improved opportunities to visit. There’s something for everyone from self‑guided trips, overnight camps and guided tours to personalised birding experiences and mountain bike adventures.

As more opportunities become available we will continue to update our website.


If you’re self-sufficient with your own equipment, vehicle and supplies, camping is available on:

Bookings are required as campsites are limited. See links above for more details. 

Self-guided day visits

You can visit some of our smaller less remote reserves as a self-guided day trip. See links below to download detailed guides for self-guided trips to:

Tag along tours

We’ll be offering several guided trips to some of our more remote reserves this year. Travellers will need to be fully self-sufficient with their own vehicles and gear, camping equipment, food and fuel. Bookings are essential and spaces limited.Fees apply.

See our visitation page for details or contact Katrina Blake at or on (03) 8610 9100. Tag along tours planned for 2014 are as follows:

The Spotted Pardalote is amongst the birds inhabiting Nardoo Hills Reserves, Vic. Photo by Graeme ChapmanThe Spotted Pardalote is amongst the birds inhabiting Nardoo Hills Reserves, Vic. Photo by Graeme Chapman

Birding tours

We are excited to announce Melbourne Birding Tours will be offering personalised guided birding trips to Nardoo Hills Reserves. They are a great way to learn more about bird habitats and see as many species as possible. For details and bookings see or call 0414 355 146.

CAFNEC wilderness bike tour

For a reserve visit that’s a bit more adventurous you can join the Far North Wilderness Bike Tour. This eight-day mountain bike trip – scheduled for September 27 to October 4 – will visit some spectacular areas including two nights on Yourka Reserve with Managers Paul and Leanne Hales.

The tour is an annual fundraising event for the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) and is organised and run by them. For more information and to make a reservation call CAFNEC on (07) 4032 1746 or visit

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