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From the CEO: the view from 30,000 feet

Published 21 Dec 2010 

From Doug Humann, Bush Heritage Chief Executive Officer: Summer 2010

Every time I get on a plane (which is often, due to the far-flung locations of our properties, partnerships and supporters) I aim for a window seat.

The geographer comes out in me. I can't resist the attempt to work out precisely where I am, look at the influences on the landscape and watch the topography and colours change.

Doug HumannDoug Humann, Bush Heritage CEO. Photo:

The flight from Brisbane to Mt Isa is always exciting. I love travelling across the Great Dividing Range, beginning at the ocean and ending in the outback.

The flight path takes you directly over Queensland's Central Highlands and Bush Heritage's Carnarvon Station Reserve.

I can see the ‘big shed', as it has become known to the Bush Heritage team, where we store harvested native grass seeds collected on site, and the native grasslands we are protecting and rehabilitating, and I can see how the season is going.

Closing in on Mt Isa, I see the massive sweep of the Diamantina River and I watch as the arid land systems come into play.

Looking at the landscape in this way enables me to see and contemplate at macro level how we can influence the protection of high conservation value areas: the importance of landscape connectivity (joining together important remnants be it at regional or continental scale) and how a single road can affect visual amenity and influence drainage.

Even at 30 000 feet it is clear there is still much to be done to better manage our extraordinary landscape. As a part of Bush Heritage, you and I are in the position to make such a difference.

Together, we have celebrated many accomplishments. Many of these have been achieved in the last year and I am proud to invite you to view these accomplishments online through our Annual Conservation and Annual Financial reports.

When you do, I hope you feel the same sense of pride I do: pride in your ability to make a difference and pride in what we have accomplished together.

And, next time you're on a plane, see if you can identify one of our properties; many of them are visible from a number of Australia's major commercial routes!

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Doug Humann, CEO

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