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Wildlife-rich jewel saved from the bulldozers

Published 20 Mar 2010 

Map of Monjebup North location

Bush Heritage's new reserve in the west

When Gondwana Link Coordinator Keith Bradby first visited Monjebup North in south-west Western Australia, there was a bulldozer sitting in the middle of a block of bushland.

‘A few hundred hectares of valuable sand heath had already been cleared,' says Keith. ‘Luckily the bulldozer had broken down, which prevented further clearing taking place.'

Now, thanks to the generosity of our partner The Nature Conservancy and an anonymous donor, Bush Heritage has acquired this wildlife-rich property and will be able to secure its rare and threatened plants and animals for the future.

A Monjebup North landscape. Photo: Jiri Lochman.

A Monjebup North landscape. Photo: Jiri Lochman.

Monjebup North reserve is the sixth property in the visionary Gondwana Link Project in Western Australia. A multi-partner initiative, the aim of Gondwana Link is to conserve, restore and reconnect a 1,000 km pathway of native vegetation stretching from the far south-west of Western Australia to the edge of the Nullarbor.

The acquisition of Monjebup North Reserve marks the successful completion of several years of planning and negotiations. The property is prized not only for its high conservation values, but also for its location in the heart of the Fitz-Stirling region (the area between the Stirling Range and the Fitzgerald National Parks).

Comprising 1,107 ha in total, the reserve is made up of 435 ha of cleared farmland and 672 ha of bushland.

The reserve provides an essential ecological link between Bush Heritage's existing Monjebup Reserve to the south and Corackerup Public Nature Reserve to the north.

"With this final acquisition all these bits, together with properties held by other Gondwana Link groups, bolt together to create a large rectangle of healthy bush," says Keith Bradby.

MaMoort (Eucalyptus platypus). Photo: Marie Lochman.MaMoort (Eucalyptus platypus). Photo: Marie Lochman.

Working with the former owner in a gradual phase-out of the current lease, Bush Heritage plans to restore the reserve's 435 ha of cleared farmland over the next three years by revegetating with a mix of locally sourced native seed.

Monjebup North Reserve represents a significant milestone in Bush Heritage's overall goals of restoring ecological integrity in the Fitz-Stirling region.

Video See for yourself why Monjebup North is so special. Simon Smale, Gondwana Link Landscape Manager, talks about the new acquisition.

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