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From the CEO: Monjebup North acquisition

Published 20 Mar 2010 

The acquisition of Monjebup North Reserve in Western Australia, completes an important landscape link in the Gondwana Link project and brings to 32 the number of reserves owned by Bush Heritage nationally.

A scaly visitor (the longsnouted lashtail) to Eurardy Reserve, WA. Photo: Elizabeth Lescheid.

A scaly visitor (the longsnouted lashtail) to Eurardy Reserve, WA. Photo: Elizabeth Lescheid.

This is Bush Heritage’s first acquisition in over 12 months, following consolidation in the face of the global financial crisis.

With your help we have withstood the uncertainties of that period and strengthened Bush Heritage’s staffing and processes. Bush Heritage now owns and manages almost 1 million hectares of land and, through various partnership agreements, supports the management of a further 2.5 million hectares for nature conservation.

Currently we're doing the groundwork for further strategic acquisitions and for the development of key partnerships which will be rolled out over coming months.

The Gondwana Link project and the acquisition of Monjebup North are a good illustration of the way in which Bush Heritage works. Every property Bush Heritage becomes involved with is significant in its own right for the plants and animals, or communities, that it protects.

Honey possum. Photo: Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparencies.

Honey possum. Photo: Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparencies.

Each forms part of a broader picture in a landscape context. Each property is connected to a range of partnerships that contribute to more effective management, both for the reserve itself and, we hope, for the broader landscape.

And particular properties also contribute in individual ways: a number of recently acquired reserves are helping to build resilience in the face of climate change. Monjebup North, for example, is part of a connected landscape across more than 32 km of south-western Australia which will afford increased protection for species as diverse and important as the carpet python, black-gloved and tammar wallabies and honey possum.

No Bush Heritage reserve or partnership can exist without the financial assistance that you, our regular supporters, provide. This enables our professional staff, working with volunteers and partners, to identify, assess, acquire and then manage properties – for the long term.

This is no easy task, as it involves considering how these areas can best be managed for the next 100 years or more while also dealing with the immediate land-management issues.

Over summer our reserves have experienced the extremes of fire and flood, but reserve management staff and volunteers have again come up trumps. If you have access to the internet you can read more about this online.

Thank you for your continuing support of Bush Heritage as we move towards our 2025 vision of owning or managing 1% of Australia.

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Doug Humann, CEO

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