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2007 newsletters

Published 05 Jan 2007 

Summer 2007 newsletter
Summer 2007
 (PDF 1mb)

Summer 2007

  • Yourka protected
    Thanks to all our supporters who helped buy Yourka Station in far-north Queensland.
  • Monitoring what we do
    Applied Ecology Manager Paul Foreman explains the importance of monitoring work.
  • A new reserve in NSW
    Supporter Louise Sylvan has donated her 55 hectare property ‘Nameless’.
  • Noongar cultural values assessment
    Indigenous partnership officers Ken Hayward and Sarah Eccles on cultural values assessments at Gondwana Link properties.
  • Open Day and plants returning
    Reserve managers Andrea and Kurt Tschirner and Ecologist Hugh Pringle report on the return of plant species to Charles Darwin Reserve.
  • From the CEO
    Thanks to our supporters 2006-07 has been a year of achievement.
Spring 2007 newsletter
Spring 2007
 (PDF 731kb)

Spring 2007

Winter 2007 newsletter
Winter 2007
 (PDF 1.4mb)

Winter 2007

Autumn 2007 newsletter

Autumn 2007 (PDF 1.1mb)

Autumn 2007

  • Our partners – we couldn’t do without them
    Contributors to this article include John Long, Museum Victoria, Alison Howes and Martine Maron, University of Southern Queensland, and Colleen Kredell.
  • In the field at Eurardy
    Leanne and Paul Hales have just completed 12 months managing Eurardy Reserve.
  • The Thomas Challenge
    David Thomas, a prominent Australian philanthropist and businessman, has challenged Australians to match his personal commitment of $10 million and raise a record $20 million.
  • Rick Farley Memorial Scholarship awarded
    The inaugural Rick Farley Memorial Scholarship for Indigenous people working in conservation management was awarded to Wandandian man Darren Brown.
  • The evolution of Bush Heritage
    Last year the Board agreed it was time to revitalise our name and logo.
  • From the CEO
    Earth’s natural forces have been in everyone's minds over the summer, perhaps more than ever before.
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