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2002 newsletters

Published 05 Jan 2002 

Summer 2002 newsletter
Summer 2002
 (PDF 881kb)

Summer 2002

  • The next reserve: A biodiversity ‘Hot Spot’
    With help from colleagues in Western Australia, Bush Heritage has recently assessed over 20 properties for potential acquisition. Four have been short-listed.
  • Managing Carnarvon’s grasslands
    Carnarvon Station in central Queensland, with its endangered bluegrass (Dichantheum sericeum) communities and other grasslands, presents us with the challenge of managing these important resources.
  • Our future reserves
    Rod Fensham is Principal Botanist at the Queensland Herbarium, and is a supporter, adviser and regular volunteer scientist for Bush Heritage.
  • Bush Heritage reserve selection criteria
    Joss Bentley heads the Reserve Management Unit and is involved in the selection of Bush Heritage land purchases.
  • From the CEO
    The events in the USA on 11 September and subsequent developments have had a profound effect on most of us.
Spring 2002 newsletter
Spring 2002
 (PDF 2.3mb)

Spring 2002

  • Western Australia - again in the spotlight
    The tremendous support for Chereninup Creek left us with enough funds to purchase another important property in the Gondwana Link area.
  • Dunnies, smokewater, salt and other science
    Choosing the right site for an environmentally friendly dunny might seem straightforward, as might the revegetation of an old quarry site. Yet seemingly simple decisions can often be quite complex.
  • Gondwana Link
    We're now a major stakeholder in this visionary project initiated in WA by the Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Friends of the Fitzgerald, Greening Australia (WA), The Malleefowl Preservation Group Inc. and The Wilderness Society (WA).
  • From the CEO
    Recent national reports, including the State of the Environment Report 2001, have highlighted the global value of Australia’s biodiversity.
Winter 2002 newsletter
Winter 2002
 (PDF 875kb)

Winter 2002

  • Chereninup Creek Reserve
    We're delighted to confirm the first steps to protecting Chereninup Creek Reserve, in the Ongerup district of south-west Western Australia.
  • Reserve management – a long term commitment
    For each of our properties, the thrill of acquisition is followed by the challenge of fulfilling our commitment to ‘manage for the long-term’.
  • Surveys build knowledge
    Staff members Phil Cullen (landscape ecologist), Joss Bentley (ecologist) and Matt Dell (geomorphologist and GIS) and volunteer assistant and photographer Chris Darwin recently surveyed Carnarvon’s vegetation and landforms.
  • From the CEO
    Our exciting news is that at the time of printing we're anticipating the exchange of contracts for Chereninup Creek Reserve.
Autumn 2002 newsletter
Autumn 2002
 (PDF 3mb)

Autumn 2002

  • Chereninup Creek – a new reserve
    This outstanding 877 ha property lies between the Fitzgerald River National Park and the Stirling Range National Park, 140 km north-east of Albany in WA.
  • Management at Liffey River & Drys Bluff
    The management plans for Drys Bluff and Liffey River Reserves, located close together in northern Tasmania, have recently been overhauled.
  • Erith Island
    The Tasmanian Government has decided to provide National Park status for the entire Kent Group of islands in Bass Strait, including over our Erith Island Reserve.
  • From the CEO
    Thank you for your generous support of our appeal to raise funds to acquire and manage a new reserve in south-west Western Australia.
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