Kangaroos on Scottsdale

Our Scottsdale Reserve is incredibly biodiverse. Its home to over 100 animal and 200 plant species, and is one of the region’s most thriving reptile habitats. With a lot of love, care and hard work from supporters, volunteers and staff, we’ve made great progress in protecting the native trees and grasses that these animals call home.

It’s vital that Scottsdale continues as a leading biodiversity hub in the upper Murrumbidgee River region, so that future generations can see, hear and experience all of the species that currently reside there.

Our job at Bush Heritage Australia is to return the bush to good health – and that sometimes means making very difficult decisions about managing one species to protect hundreds of others.

When the circumstances arise, managing one species of overabundant native wildlife is a difficult but necessary decision when we consider the bigger picture.

At times the kangaroo population on Scottsdale has been more than double the sustainable recommended numbers, which leaves them exposed to starvation. At some stage in the future we will need to reduce the numbers to more appropriate levels.

The science we use, and the guidelines implemented, were carefully developed in consultation with a group of independent experts. Our approach is endorsed by leaders in this field from University of Melbourne and Australian National University, and we use humane methods that have been developed in consultation with the RSPCA.

At Bush Heritage, it’s about getting the balance right so we deliver on our promise – healthy country, protected forever.