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Anne and Frederick Bondin's gift

Frederick and Anne Bondin

Bequest supporters Frederick and Anne Bondin.

We first heard about Bush Heritage Australia during a fundraising campaign to purchase a property for the Gondwana Link project in south-west Western Australia.

As keen birdwatchers and wildflower enthusiasts, we liked the concept of helping protect Australia's biodiversity through the acquisition of land and started to support the organisation.

Over the years we've met some of the hard-working people who help protect the bush and felt inspired by what they do.

We've always had a great love for nature and would like to see it cared for, even when we're no longer around to enjoy it ourselves.

Of course, we hope to see Gondwana Link completed in our lifetime, but if we can't, at least we know this important project can continue with the help of our bequest.

John Weightman's legacy

Supporter John Weightman has left a lasting legacy.

Supporter John Weightman has left a lasting legacy.

Dad’s first experience of the natural environment was with his father in the Adelaide Hills. Later his work took him to the Flinders Ranges and up north into central Australia.

The beauty of the landscape impressed itself on Dad. He photographed magnificent desert trees and colourful carpets of wildflowers after rain. He went on to establish several home gardens and grew a wide variety of native plants.

Dad believed our natural heritage should be preserved for future generations and for its intrinsic value. He admired Bob Brown’s passionate commitment to conservation and saw Bush Heritage as an opportunity to help keep important ecological areas safe from destructive forces.

The family knew of Dad’s support for Bush Heritage and we share his love for our environment. We are proud of Dad’s bequest and feel that Bush Heritage properties are part of his legacy, and that he's in good company.

– Meredith Geyer, John Weightman’s daughter

Annie and Ian Mayo's gift

Ian and Annie Mayo.

Supporters Ian and Annie Mayo.

We became interested in Bush Heritage in the mid 1990s, a time when we were disturbed at the amount of land clearing taking place across Australia.

We thought it was a brilliant idea that Bush Heritage gave people like us the chance to do something about it and buy land for conservation.

Lately we’ve become birdwatchers, which further heightened our awareness and appreciation of the bush. Bush Heritage’s work is even more important since the decline of bird numbers is often directly related to loss of habitat. That’s why we decided to leave a bequest.

We know that our money will go towards conserving habitat – that means a better future for the trees, marsupials and birds we love so much, and for future generations as well.

Please let us know

If you've included Bush Heritage in your Will or are considering it, please let us know so we can thank you properly. It also gives us a chance to welcome you to the Bush Legacy Circle our growing group of bequest supporters.

Contact 1300 628 873 or email bequests@bushheritage.org.au.