Specific bequests of land & residential property

If you're considering leaving a specific bequest of land or residential property in your Will, please contact a member of our bequest team on 1300 628 873 so we can discuss your wishes.


There have been instances where a Will states that Bush Heritage is to retain ownership of a bequested property in our reserve portfolio for conservation purposes. Many factors, including the location and property size, mean this isn't always possible.

Bush Heritage has the constitutional capacity to determine whether a property can and should be retained. If it's decided that a property can't be retained, it may be sold and the proceeds used to further our general conservation purposes.

It's also worth noting that if you leave a specific bequest of property to Bush Heritage in your Will, the gift may fail if that property is sold or no longer exists at the time of your passing. It's therefore important to review your Will when there are significant changes to your circumstances.

Suggested wording Specific Bequest of land/real estate:

I GIVE: ____________________________- (insert property description) to BUSH HERITAGE AUSTRALIA (ABN 78 053 639 115).

In the event that BUSH HERITAGE AUSTRALIA, in its absolute discretion, determines that this property cannot be retained by BUSH HERITAGE AUSTRALIA then the property may be sold and the proceeds of sale be applied towards conservation purposes in accordance with the Constitutional objectives of BUSH HERITAGE AUSTRALIA.

“In common with an increasing number of private landholders, we're doing our best to protect our own small patch of land, but supporting Bush Heritage through our bequest provides us with an opportunity to contribute to land conservation on a much larger scale.”
 – Laurie Macmillan & David Wakefield (supporters for 20 years)

Please let us know

If you've included Bush Heritage in your Will or are considering it, please let us know so we can thank you properly. It also gives us a chance to welcome you to the Bush Legacy Circle our growing group of bequest supporters.

Contact 1300 628 873 or email bequests@bushheritage.org.au.