Our Capital Fund

The Bush Heritage Capital Fund provides an option for those who prefer their bequest remain as an ongoing endowment for future conservation activities.

A bequest to the Capital Fund helps build a strong and stable financial base to continue our program of land acquisition, management of existing reserves and investment in partnerships with like-minded people and organisations.

While the Fund’s capital will be protected in perpetuity, income it earns will help fund new projects and ongoing conservation management work.

To learn more about our Capital Fund, please contact 1300 628 873 or email bequests@bushheritage.org.au.

Please let us know

If you've included Bush Heritage in your Will or are considering it, please let us know so we can thank you properly. It also gives us a chance to welcome you to the Bush Legacy Circle our growing group of bequest supporters.

Contact 1300 628 873 or email bequests@bushheritage.org.au.