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Bush Legacy Circle

Bequesters visiting Boolcoomatta Station ReserveBequest supporters visiting Boolcoomatta Station Reserve

The Bush Legacy Circle recognises and brings together supporters who've made the profound commitment to Bush Heritage Australia of leaving us gifts in their Wills.

How do I join?

If you let us know that you've included a gift to Bush Heritage in your Will you'll become a member. Membership is also open to family members of bequest supporters who have passed away.

To find out how to leave a gift in your Will see our bequest brochure.

What are the benefits?

Bush Legacy Circle Members get exclusive invitations to special information events and hosted trips to our reserves. Members also receive a Bush Legacy Circle lapel pin in recognition of their commitment.

Bush Legacy Circle Advocates

Bush Legacy Circle Advocates are existing bequest supporters who help us promote the program by sharing their personal motivations and stories.

Annie and Ian Mayo

Who for many years have both worked and volunteered with passion for Bush Heritage Australia.

Andrew Myer

Andy Myer

Donor and former Bush Heritage Australia Board member

It would be my great pleasure to welcome you as a fellow member of the Bush Legacy Circle. As a bequest supporter myself I'm truly inspired by the collective generosity of over 1,400 Bush Heritage Australia supporters past and present who've made such a profound commitment to protect the extraordinarily important natural landscapes under our care today.

My deep passion for the environment began in childhood, nurtured by my father on our family property on the NSW south coast. Together we planted trees, explored the outdoors and simply enjoyed being in the landscape.

My connection with nature remains a lifelong one and I was delighted to find, in Bush Heritage Australia, a truly hands-on organisation through which I could contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

It’s a journey that's similar to many fellow supporters I've had the fortune to meet through my 10 years of involvement in Bush Heritage – as a donor, a Board Member and now as an Advocate of the Bush Legacy Circle.

Over time I've seen Bush Heritage grow the dream of a great conservation idea into a robust national organisation and I'm confident that my bequest will be in safe hands and wisely deployed across Australia for the benefit of future generations.

I am proud to support the work of Bush Heritage through my bequest knowing that I'm part of a larger community of like-minded individuals, who've chosen to support the conservation of our most important ecosystems beyond our own lifetimes.

I do hope I'll have an opportunity to meet you in at a Bush Legacy Circle event in the future.

Judy Henderson

Judy Henderson

A founding director of Bush Heritage Australia

The Bush Heritage story is one that I reflect on with immense satisfaction. It remains a great privilege to have been part of the development of a concept and then observe it evolve to be the success that Bush Heritage is today.

In 1991 we didn't fully anticipate the important role Bush Heritage would play in biodiversity conservation; that a fledgling organisation which began with two bush blocks and an enormous debt would develop into a major force in biodiversity and connectivity conservation in Australia.

I know that that there's no better legacy we can leave our children and their children than the means to purchase, preserve and protect areas that contain valuable ecosystems and habitat for endangered species. That's why I am including a gift to Bush Heritage in my Will.

Dr Alison Howes

Alison Howes

Alison's Ph.D in landscape ecology was conducted at our Carnarvon Station.

I first became aware of Bush Heritage Australia while undertaking my PhD in landscape ecology. My study was conducted on one of their reserves, Carnarvon Station Reserve. I was instantly impressed and inspired by the work and achievements of Bush Heritage, not only in in their goals to restore and conserve the ecological diversity on Carnarvon, but on their other reserves as well.

I decided to become a regular supporter and a bequest supporter because I'd seen first-hand the immense value and importance of the conservation goals of Bush Heritage Australia.

I had the honour and privilege of working with and liaising with Bush Heritage staff during the course of my study, and I have maintained these relationships today.

I found it reassuring and inspiring that the conservation goals of Bush Heritage Australia are developed, supported and monitored scientifically. Their team of ecologists, researchers, reserve managers and volunteers work exceptionally hard to gain a greater understanding of the ecological significance and importance of their reserves and the best manner to conserve them. I was honoured that my research formed as small piece of this puzzle and am proud to continue to support the interests of Bush Heritage Australia with other like-minded people.

Pip Walsh and Andrew Cox

Pip Walsh

Pip has held a number of senior roles in Australian environmental agencies, including time as South East and Conservation Executive with Bush Heritage Australia

We've been supporting Bush Heritage since the early 1990s. We chose Bush Heritage because they're a pragmatic and competent organisation that makes a huge difference on the ground.

Over the past decade we've been particularly inspired by the Bush Heritage recognition and support for Traditional Owners to look after country and we're excited by the future prospects of these Aboriginal partnerships.

Our legacy is important to us. What better way to leave behind some funds knowing that it will help people look after our beautiful country?

Please let us know

If you've included Bush Heritage in your Will or are considering it, please let us know so we can thank you properly. It also gives us a chance to welcome you to the Bush Legacy Circle our growing group of bequest supporters.

Contact 1300 628 873 or email