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Feral fighters club

Brett Peden
Published 08 Sep 2015 
about  Scottsdale Reserve  

Fox on Scottsdale Reserve. Photo Brett Peden.<br/> Fox on Scottsdale Reserve. Photo Brett Peden.

Scottsdale Reserve, in conjunction with 20 nearby properties, has undertaken a major fox baiting program with the help of Cooma Local Land Services’ Feral Fighters club.

The participating properties cover some 10km across both sides of the Monaro Highway, starting from Ingalara Hill, stretching across to Scottsdale Reserve, and down to one property just south of Bredbo.

With approximately a thousand baits being put out for the month, it's one of the biggest baiting programs conducted in the area. Scottsdale will have 160 baits placed around its boundary as well as internal fence lines and tracks.

Such a combined effort can only be beneficial for the farmers in the area, as well as for our native animal such as the little mountain pygmy possum, antechinus, birds and reptiles.